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Species Tulips - photo by Allison Dolan, Brooksby Village


The Massachusetts Patriot

The Massachusetts Patriot is the quarterly newsletter of the Massachusetts Life Care Residents’ Association. The Patriot covers news about Massachusetts retirement communities, monitors laws and regulations that affect residents of retirement communities, and serves as an advocate for residents’ rights.
Beginning in 2020, we have been posting the complete issues.  MLCRA members receive print copies. For prior issues, please contact the webmaster.

Patriot January - March 2024

Patriot October - December 2023

Patriot July - September 2023

Patriot April - June 2023

Patriot January - March 2023

Patriot October - December 2022

Patriot July - September 2022

Patriot April - June 2022

Patriot January - March 2022

Patriot October - December 2021

Patriot July - September 2021

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Patriot Fall 2020

Patriot Summer 2020

Patriot Winter Spring 2020​​​​​​​​​​​​

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