"The Massachusetts Patriot" All the news that's fit, we print!

This is the quarterly newsletter of MLCRA. As the residents' voice, The Patriot includes information about member and non-member communities.

PLEASE NOTE: Except for the Winter Spring 2020 edition the following files are excerpts from past issues of The Patriot. You must be a MLCRA member to receive complete issues.

Patriot Winter Spring 2020 (full Patriot)


Patriot Fall 2019

Patriot Summer 2019

Patriot Spring 2019

Patriot Winter 2019


Patriot Fall 2018

Patriot Spring 2018

Patriot Winter 2018

Patriot Fall 2017

Patriot Summer 2017

Patriot Spring 2017

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Patriot Fall 2016

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Patriot Winter 2016

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Patriot Winter 2015

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