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Pansy by Mandy Waddell_edited.png

Pansy - photo by Mandy Waddell, Lasell Village


To join MLCRA, click/tap here for the printable membership application form.

If you are a resident of a MLCRA community and would like more information about your community's involvement in MLCRA, contact your MLCRA representative by clicking/tapping on the "Member Associations"  item on the  navigation menu and then the name of your community for the name and contact information for your representative.

If you are living in a retirement community not yet connected to MLCRA, click/tap here for a printable trifold brochure on the benefits of membership.

If you have any other questions about MLCRA membership, please contact:

Caroline Jacobs
MLCRA VP Membership
The Commons in Lincoln
1 Harvest Circle #33
Lincoln, MA 01773


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