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Columbine - photo by Allison Dolan, Brooksby Village

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By Lauren Hale, MLCRA President                         go to articles

In 2019, we are beginning what we hope will be a series of articles about “best practices.”    We are asking MLCRA members to write about something their community does that could be used as a model in other communities.  

We are looking for MLCRA members to share innovative or noteworthy things done in their retirement communities.  We often bring complaints about real and perceived problems to our managements.  Here is an opportunity to publicly recognize what your community is doing right.    Information about how one community handles an issue can also help MLCRA members who are advocating for changes in their own communities.

Topics that might be covered in our Best Practices’ series include but are not limited to:

Transparency:  Availability of information about the organization, operation and finances of our communities.  

Dining:  Food options. Service. Dining hours. Dining plans.

Programs:  Variety (classes, movies, music, theater, library, health and fitness, trips). Programs that appeal to residents of all ages (from the Greatest Generation to baby boomers). Resident-run programs.

Continuing care: Transition from independent to assisted living or other supportive care.  Responding to residents with cognitive and other changes.

Use of Technology:  Use of email.  Resident websites. Community Apps.  Computer classes for residents.  Serving residents who use technology and those who do not.   

Our Series:  I want to encourage MLCRA members to contribute to our best practices series.  This is a chance to highlight what is best about your community and to share your experience with others.

If you have questions or suggestions or if you are considering writing an article for this series, please contact me at or 508-842-0515.

Articles from MLCRA Communities:

January 2019:  Our first article is by Jean Stringham, who writes about the many levels of interaction that Lasell Village residents have with their administration and Board of Trustees.  Click/tap here for Jean’s article

April 2019:  We have two interesting articles.  
Click/tap here for an article about the art gallery at Springhouse.
Click/tap here for an article about the resident-run Welcome Committee at Southgate.


Best Practice Articles
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