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Meeting Overview (video below)
The MLCRA 2022 Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 4th from 1:00 to 2:30 pm via Zoom. Each of MLCRA's 17 communities was invited to send two residents to the meeting: their council president or chair and their MLCRA representative.

The first half hour was a business meeting with committee reports and election. For details, see the video of the business meeting below. At the end of the business meeting the attendees broke up into two discussion groups. One group was the MLCRA representatives who have already been meeting as a group on Zoom. The second group was the council leaders of our communities. This was be the very first time that council chairs and presidents had an opportunity to meet each other and share mutual interests.

The discussion topic was “What are some of the biggest challenges facing your community today?” The two groups then came together to go over the conversations and summarize.  The feedback from these discussions will help guide MLCRA’s focus areas for the coming year.

Business Meeting Video and Summary

A summary of the business meeting follows the video. In the video, the actual numbers for the 2021 fiscal year are not shown since this is a public website.

Annual MLCRA Meeting May 4, 2022 BusMtg-AnnRptEdited-4web

Annual MLCRA Meeting May 4, 2022 BusMtg-AnnRptEdited-4web

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Business Meeting Summary
Here are the key reports and activities.

  • Jean Stringham, President: Overview of the year and the robust MLCRA initiatives, despite the pandemic. Technology played a key role.

  • Caroline Jacobs, VP Membership: Membership report and the new Community Conversations, a natural follow on to the former area meetings

  • Dave VanArsdale, Legislation Committee:  Status report on two bills, important to CCRC residents, moving through the House and Senate.

  • Allison Dolan, Treasurer: Review of 2021 financial results, 2022 budget “pie chart”, and savings from tax exempt status.

  • Allen Broughton, Webmaster and Digital Consultant:  Communication, collaboration, and networking through the website, Constant Contact emails, and the Digital Office, especially in the key MLCRA functions of membership support and the Patriot.

  • Lauren Hale, Patriot Editor: The evolution of the Patriot to color, more “fun stories” about communities as well as serious articles on CCRC concerns.  The Patriot staff, Suzette Barbier and Elizabeth Losa were introduced.

  • Election of current officers and directors: Click/tap here to see the Board of Directors.

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