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Meeting Overview

The MLCRA 2022 Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 4th from 1 to 2:30 pm via Zoom. Each of MLCRA's 17 communities will be invited to send two residents to the meeting:  their council president or chair and their MLCRA representative.

The first half hour will be a business meeting with committee reports and election. Then we plan to break up into two groups. One group will be the MLCRA representatives who have already been meeting as a group on Zoom. The second group will be the council leaders of our communities. This will be the very first time that council chairs and presidents will have the opportunity to meet each other and share mutual interests.

Our topic will be “What are some of the biggest challenges facing your community today?” The two groups will then come together to go over the conversations.  The feedback from these discussions will help guide MLCRA’s focus areas for the coming year.