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Mass. Elder Affairs Head Outlines Program Priorities at MLCRA Annual Meeting at Brookhaven.


What a wonderful time we had at the MLCRA Annual Meeting at Brookhaven on May 13! Those who were lucky enough to be there can surely tell you stories; this report will give you only the flavor of the event and a brief recital of the highlights of the day.


It started off with a brief introduction by Will Holton, president of MLCRA, in which he outlined the successes and the challenges of the past year. Will spoke about the many Executive Board meetings that had been accomplished with the help of teleconferencing, allowing members from far-off communities to attend from their homes. This has made possible a great change in our meetings, making them less of a challenge to attend and allowing for a greater interchange of ideas. He spoke about trips to Overlook in Charlton and Sweetwood at Williamstown this year, allowing us more exposure in the western part of the state. He outlined the Area 3 and 4 meeting in March which brought together folks from the eastern parts of Massachusetts. He talked about outreach to the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and to the Joint Committee for Elder Affairs, a task made more difficult with the retirement of Ang Giambusso who had acted as our legislative liaison for quite some time. And he talked of plans for the future--surveys of member communities so we can learn which issues are of most concern to you, recruiting new board members with the energy to take on tasks we just never seem to get to, improving the Patriot, and the Website so they can bring information to a broader group of people, and investigating other means of communication.

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