2019 MLCRA Annual Meeting

Scene from 2019 MLCRA Annual Meeting at Southgate


Overview of MLCRA and its National Partner

MLCRA is the acronym for Massachusetts Life Care Residents' Association. Founded in 1998, MLCRA is a state-wide, non-profit volunteer organization established to represent individual members and resident associations located in for-profit or non-profit retirement communities known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) or Life Care Communities (LCCs). These communities are also sometimes referred to as "Life Plan Communities". 

These communities provide facilities and services for independent living and assisted living/skilled nursing care or both.

MLCRA is the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Continuing Care Residents' Association (NaCCRA). You can find their website by clicking on the "Resources and Links" button on the left side of this page.


MLCRA recognizes and respects the common interests of residents and management, and supports efforts to promote a mutually beneficial relationship. When those interests occasionally diverge, MLCRA serves as the residents' advocate. 


Purpose of MLCRA (from MLCRA bylaws)


The general purpose of MLCRA shall be communication, education, advocacy, and collaboration with members, Resident Associations and other organizations to support the well-being of seniors living in Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) or similarly organized Independent Living Facilities throughout Massachusetts.


The specific purposes of MLCRA are:

  1. To promote exchange of ideas among the officers and residents of CCRCs;

  2. To educate our members regarding laws and regulations concerning CCRCs;

  3. To advocate for the development and passage of state and federal legislation which will benefit CCRCs and their residents;

  4. To enhance the quality of life and financial security of the residents of CCRCs throughout Massachusetts;

  5. To foster and encourage the growth of CCRCs as desirable programs for seniors.